Friday, December 04, 2020

FAQs About How To Eat To Live, Volume Three

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This volume of FAQs About How To Eat To Live builds on the first two volumes. Questions 1 and 2 (No Cure in Drugs, Get to the Kitchen, Part I & II), explain why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad instructed us to avoid taking drugs as attempts to solve health problems caused by poor dietary and lifestyle habits.

Question 3: Breast-Feeding & Delinquency addresses factors that we often overlook when it comes to how we treat our newborns and infants. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad connects the lack of breast-feeding to the social scourges, which are now pandemic among all races and age groups. The importance of breast-feeding is taken to new heights when this information is considered!

Question 4: Understanding Protein; and Question 5: About The Soybean tackle the subjects of protein and soybeans, respectively—two subjects, traditionally, misunderstood by millions of people. We can confidently state that most people eat foods fit for other animals, and not for human beings. Obtaining an accurate knowledge of these important subjects will improve our health by enabling us to avoid following assumptions, and guiding us in the selection of the proper foods to eat.


Finally, in Question 6: Cow -vs- Man: Anatomical Distinction, we examine the great logic presented by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in “drawing” distinctions between the foods fit for animals from those divinely designated for human beings.This essential aspect is often overlooked when people discuss foods, such as soybeans and nuts. Other animals, such as cattle and birds, never enter the conversation, despite the fact that these crops were historically used to meet the nutritional needs of these animals.