Friday, December 04, 2020

The Power of MODESTY: The Key To Health, Beauty & Longevity

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The book introduces a unique and penetrating view on the value of MODESTY—revealing the “POWER” of this divine characteristic in ensuring, preserving and protecting the health, virtue and beauty of girls and women, in particular.

Secondly, this book speaks to the condition of women and girls in society, at large. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan has frequently stated that “the disrespect of women is the reason that the earth and the world is in the condition that it is in.” The world is in a horrendous state, to say the least. This “disrespect” of women is not episodic or superficial. It is comprehensively systemic and deeply rooted in the political, religious and social constructs of nearly all societies.

Therefore, every system that governs human activity must be reformed and reconstructed on the DIVINE GOAL of elevating the “FEMALE” to the “STATION” where Allah (God) established HER since before the beginning of the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth. This “ELEVATED STATION” was and is right beside HIM, as HIS SECOND-SELF. The Process of Elevation begins with learning and embracing this Divine Knowledge, and avoiding the evil terrain designed to entrap and destroy women and girls.