Friday, November 27, 2020

Protection, Aid & Comfort: Insight into the Polygamous Marriage of the Messiah, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan

$6.00 each


In Sura 73:5 of the Holy Quran, Allah states to the Messiah:

Surely We shall charge thee with a weighty word.

In his commentary on this verse, Maulana Muhammad Ali states:

Being burdened with guidance of the whole world was indeed a weighty word, the weightiest word with which any human being has been charged in the whole history of humanity.

Much of Sura 73 is about the Messiah, whom Allah raises in the Last Days of Satan’s world. This “weighty word” is the Mission of bringing humanity from a state of darkness into the Light of Allah. It also includes the reality that His labor stands between Allah’s wrath and the people—to whom He is sent to warn, reform, and save. How does the Messiah handle this extensive workload? His monumental responsibilities give rise to the need for adequate help that provides protection, aid and comfort. This is at the root of the Messiah's polygamous marriage—the “Domestic Life."

The purpose of this book is to increase our understanding of the "Extraordinary Value" of the Domestic Life of the Messiah.

  • 6x9, 50 pages, References