Friday, November 27, 2020

The Identity of the Christ: Understanding the Fulfillment of the Christ through Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan

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Most scholars of the Scriptures agree that the Messianic Prophecies continue to unfold, to eventually culminate in the Advent of the Christ—also known as the “return of Jesus Christ.” The allegorical way the prophecies were written has made it challenging to know what to look for to affirm that the Advent of the Christ is underway. Second Thessalonians 2:3-9 state how this knowledge was predestined to be revealed at this time in history. As such, this book aims to unveil and explain the identities of those having consequential roles during the Advent of the Christ—specifically, the Almighty God, the One on the Throne, and the Lamb of God, as described in Revelation 5:1-14.

In the 80-plus year history of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, we have witnessed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad represent Master Fard Muhammad as the long-awaited Messiah, the Christ. This is clearly stated in His document, The Muslim Program, in Point 12 of What The Muslims Believe.

In like manner, we have witnessed the Honorable Louis Farrakhan represent the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Exalted Christ. He first declared this during His 1981 Saviour’s Day lecture, and has continuously reinforced it in His speeches since then.

Since 2015, this author has been publicly advocating that the Honorable Louis Farrakhan is the Exalted Christ. How can all Three Men be the Exalted Christ?

The truth of the fulfillment of these key Messianic Roles is substantiated through the actions and works of these consequential Persons. The explanation of the fulfillment of the Prophecies involves articulating these actions and works in the realm of the prophetic narratives, which is the essential purpose of this book.

Why is it important that we know the identities of the Almighty God, the One on the Throne, and the Christ? The answer to this question involves the critical time in which we live, which is described in Revelation 6:15-17. This book provides the meaning of the fulfillment of these verses.

Overall, this book demonstrates how Master Fard Muhammad is the Almighty God; the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the One of the Throne; and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan is the Lamb of God, the Christ.

  • 6x9; 62 pages; references