Friday, December 04, 2020

Concise Defense of Prophet Muhammad, The Quran and Islam; with Emphasis on the Prophet’s Marriages and the Rights of Women

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Perhaps no prophet or messenger of Allah (God) has been written about, favorably and unfavorably, more than Prophet Muhammad has. Thousands of books, articles and other writings spanning many centuries describe a wide range of circumstances alleged to have occurred in his life. This enormous literature is what sets him apart from Moses and Jesus—his predecessors.

Prophet Muhammad’s history and teachings are very controversial, in part, because the writings that we have about his life did not come directly from him. We do not have his autobiography. We do not have any authentic writings about his life from those who were around him.

Sensibly, the Teachings of Prophet Muhammad are in the Quran; but this truth has been marred by the reality that we also do not possess the “actual” Quran that Prophet Muhammad received from Allah. Most people have accepted, without question, the “story” that Prophet Muhammad did not have the Quran he received from Allah completed before his death. This notion, however, is inconsistent with Allah’s pattern regarding HIS divine messengers as expressed throughout the Quran—a point emphasized in this book.

The controversies encompassing Prophet Muhammad, the Quran and Islam are borne of the enduring backlash, spanning many centuries, of religious scholars’ efforts to fill the “knowledge gap” regarding the Prophet‘s life and the origin of the Quran with numerous “stories,” collectively known as “hadith.” This “literature” includes many interpretations of the Quran that have shaped the attitudes and behaviors of those professing to follow Prophet Muhammad. Some of these interpretations have violated the “rights of women,” in particular. Consequently, this has generated false perceptions about Prophet Muhammad, the Quran and Islam; and has sullied the divinity of his polygamous marriage.

This book addresses the problems caused by this controversial “Islamic” literature and false interpretations, while providing a concise defense and explanation of Prophet Muhammad, the Quran and Islam. This book also shows that Allah, alone, is the Witness of the sanctity of Prophet Muhammad and the Quran.