Friday, December 04, 2020

Against Compulsory Vaccination: Why HPV Vaccines Are Dangerous To The Lives Of Girls, Young Women And Everyone Else (Vol. 1)

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This book discusses HPV vaccines and reveals the extent of the injuries suffered by those who have received these vaccines.

This book provides valuable information about HPV and HPV vaccines—by answering the following questions: 1) What is the HPV virus? 2) What is the pharmaceutical industry's motive for making the HPV virus a "big" issue? 3) What is the "actual" (not assumed) claim made by manufacturers of HPV vaccines concerning the safety of these drugs? 4) What injuries to the brain and body do the chemicals that make up HPV vaccines cause? - What is the HPV virus?

This book reveals the true extent of the injuries experienced by girls and women who have received HPV vaccines.

Equally as important, this book educates readers about the theory of vaccination, and how it contradicts the biological workings of the human body. We discuss the delicate processes of human growth and development; and explain how vaccines disrupt these vital processes, especially those related to the neurological and immune systems.